Nature in medical office design

How Incorporating Nature into Your Medical Office Design Helps to Heal

If you are considering a medical office design renovation, nature is the new key to providing a healing atmosphere for patients (and arguably, your staff as well). Studies have shown that the integration of nature in your overall theme, style, and décor can promote healing. There are even office designers who are skilled in evidence-based design who can provide advice on how to incorporate this into your medical office.

When people enter a medical office, they are likely either currently sick or are attending a regular appointment. While everyone appreciates medical professionals, most people aren’t excited for a medical appointment. With that, medical professionals can combat any impending nerves of patients with a welcoming, healing, and nature-inspired medical office design theme. Below you will find some expert tips on how to keep your office natural to help promote calmness and healing.


If you have any windows that face the natural outdoors, keep them open. For example, if you have a window that has a view of the mountains, hills, or nature in general, this is a great way to bring nature into your space. It is also helpful because it provides natural light which is a mood booster. Natural light can promote healing as it is rich in Vitamin D. Also, it’s a much better alternative to those bright white fluorescent lights. If your office doesn’t have windows, try floor and table lamps with soft lighting to compensate for the lack of natural light.

Color Scheme

The color of your medical office sets the tone for the entire experience. Try wall colors that mimic the outdoors like sage green or dusty blue. These promote a sense of calm and relaxation according to medical office design experts.

Welcome Nature In

Whether you include plants, flowers, or leaf arrangements, bring nature into your office. Succulents are a great way to incorporate nature into your office as they are low maintenance and inexpensive. You can also take the opportunity to incorporate nature into your wall décor with photos of mountains, hills, fields, or the ocean. Even looking at landscaped outdoor scenes has been shown to lower blood pressure. The best art includes the nature scenes where it looks like the viewer can walk right in.


The regular medical office chairs feel sterile and lifeless. Find seating that is comfortable and welcoming. As with the wall color, find seating that is a more natural color like brown or green. You can place plants on the end tables to bring the natural environment closer to your patients.

Tables and Floors

Depending on your medical office setup, opt for wood surfaces if possible. It has been found that people are more comfortable with wood than glass or chrome. If you can incorporate wood end tables or flooring, your patients will likely find comfort in it.


As mysterious as nature is, it is organized. Keep your spaces organized and clean. From the entryway and check-in window to the seating area and appointment rooms, keep things tidy. A clean space allows for clear thinking and calmness.

No matter if you’re a medical doctor or a therapist, providing a space that promotes healing can have major benefits for your clients. In addition, it can improve your own practice as word-of-mouth goes a long way when it comes to referrals for medical professionals. You can also keep your staff in a zen-like mood which can help with productivity and efficiency. A safe and comforting space that promotes healing is a benefit for everyone.

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