Turning Your Waiting Room into a Playful Halloween Space

Halloween is almost here, so what better way to get your patients and staff – young and old – into the spirit than by adding some spooky-but-friendly character and activities to your waiting room? Below are 5 ways to create the ultimate Halloween space.

1. Have a Costume Contest

Ask your staff to dress up in spirit of Halloween and wear numbers, ask your patients/visitors to place a number in the bowl while they are in the waiting room, corresponding to their favorite costume. Give a prize to the team member with the most votes. Be sure to lay out ground rules for costumes, such as avoiding too-scary or otherwise inappropriate attire.

2. Have a Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Ask your staff to decorate a pumpkin in the waiting room and label with numbers, ask your patients/visitors to place a number in the bowl on their way out, corresponding to their favorite pumpkin. Give a prize to the team member with the most votes and give a winning patient/visitor a winning pumpkin.

Give a prize to the team member with the most votes. Again, avoid decorations that are too scary or inappropriate in nature.

3. Host a Trick-or-Treat

This is especially fun for after-hour social with your patients/family, community, and staff. If your waiting room is large enough, you can create a fun little game with prizes for trick-or-treaters. Be sure to include business cards or other marketing material with your treats. The kids get the candy, and the business/marketing-related material (magnets, key chains, pens) gets used for daily reminder of who to call when someone is need of medical services.

4. Sponsor a Trick-or-Treat Bag

Create a festive bag made up with your clinic information on them. Hand these out at the check-out desk.

5. Set up Festive Arts and Craft Activities

Turn your waiting room into a play room for kids as they wait for their appointment with family. Kids enjoy creative ways to express themselves and these activities are ideal for Halloween fun in the clinic.

  • Spider Web Plates. Kids can practice their fine motor skills by threading white yarn through holes punched into a black paper plate to create a simple spider web craft from Anne Lily Design. Finish with foam spider stickers.
  • Monster Mobile. Transform toilet paper rolls into this monster mobile from Happy Hooligans by painting or coloring the tubes and adding on googly eyes, squiggly pipe-cleaner arms, and toothy construction-paper mouths.
  • Spider Web Sacks. Create these spider web sacks from Modern Parents Messy Kids with balloons, white yarn, and craft glue. Stick on some plastic spiders for a little spooky flair.
  • Monster Hands. Have kids trace their arm and fingers on marbled green paper to create this monster hand from Happy Hooligans. Cut it out and have the kids glue on foam fingernails and dried bean “warts.”
  • Masking Tape Mummy. A basic gingerbread man becomes a mummy in this simple project from No Time for Flashcards. All you need is masking tape and googly eyes.
  • Paper Plate Frankenstein. Finger painting is always fun, and the perfect way to create these Frankenstein faces from Easy Preschool Craft. Cut the top off a paper plate to make the flat head and provide the kids with the paper hair, eyes, noses, and bolts to glue on.
  • Mini Mummy. This merry mummy will have kids wrapped up in laughter. To make this, secure a bouncy ball to the end of a craft stick with tape. Fold one end of a neon-yellow chenille stem back and forth in small increments to make fingers; wrap the other end around the stick. Repeat for the other arm. Wrap the entire ball and stick with 2-inch-wide first aid gauze that has been cut in half lengthwise; tuck the end into the back of the body. Complete the look by gluing googly eyes between the head layers.
  • Frankenstein Noisemaker. The funny face and rattling sound of this Frankenstein noisemaker are sure to scare away everything that goes bump on Halloween Adults can prep the plates by punching the holes around the edges and cutting a hole in the bottom for the dowel. Kids will have a blast putting noisemaker filler inside and decorating the outside with dimensional paint and cutout facial features.

From all of us at Boulevard Medical Properties, have a fun and safe Halloween. If you’re looking for a new property to start or move your medical practice to or need advice on the process, contact us today.