New Year Resolutions for Bettering Your Practice

As 2016 rapidly comes to a close, many people are preparing their New Year resolutions. For the next month or so, gym memberships are going to be at an all time high as folks “turn over a new leaf in the New Year.”

Best of luck to all those who are partaking in this annual tradition, but what about medical practices that want to kickstart the New Year by bringing in new patients and increasing productivity? Well, for medical practices, there are a few key things you can do to make sure you have a more successful 2017.

Increasing Patient Engagement

One of the most important things for medical practices is getting patients to take an active role in their healthcare. Building a relationship with your patients is the best way to do that. Building such a relationship builds trust, and that trust leads to a much better level of patient care. This, of course, raises the question: How do we increase patient engagement?

Many physicians are finding that increasing patient interaction outside of the office is one of the best ways to get that all important engagement. Social platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and even Instagram and Snapchat, can provide medical practices with the opportunity to interact with their patients outside of an office environment.

These interactions are a key method of building a rapport with your patients, and can separate your practice from others that are less available and visible to potential patients.

Implement Anonymous Surveys to Identify Problem Areas

If your patients have a problem, in a lot of cases you won’t hear about it until it’s too late. Implementing a brief, anonymous survey can help you get ahead of problems that could otherwise drive patients away. Often, patients won’t open up about issues like this: they’ll simply find a new practice if they think there’s a problem with their care.

A quick, anonymous survey as part of an office visit can help provide you with solid information on the general impressions your patients have. If they think wait times are too long, or they aren’t receiving enough physician attention, you can use metrics gained from these surveys to make changes that can help you address issues before they cause you to lose patients.

Of course, you can also use these metrics to see if a patient’s complaints stem from a problem you have in the office, or if you just have a problem patient. Either way, it’s nice to know for sure.

Improve Your Online Presence

This goes hand in hand with increasing customer engagement. Improving your online presence makes you more visible and more accessible to your patients, but it also lends an air of professionalism to your practice. These days, the first interaction your practice is likely to have with a potential new patient is going to be your website. This makes a good search ranking and SEO incredibly important, as it ensures you will be a potential client’s first choice, instead of their 50th.

Of course, ensuring that your potential patients can find you is only half the battle. The other half is keeping your customers on your site long enough to decide to make an appointment. If you have an older, outdated site, or just a poorly optimized one that takes an age to load, chances are it doesn’t matter what your search ranking looks like. It’s important to update your site every few years, both for your search potential, and to make sure you’re keeping up with the times and maintaining a professional online presence.

There are also more tangible benefits to a modern website. With an updated web presence, you can schedule appointments and communicate with customers with ease. In some cases, depending on your practice, you can even set up remote video conference office visits.

Virtual visits and consultations can free up time to see more patients, and cuts down on overhead. Granted, not every office visit can be replaced with a video call, nor should it, but replacing the less critical visits with video consults can leave more time for more serious issues.

Changing Office Space With Boulevard

If your practice is feeling cramped, or maybe you feel like downsizing, changing your physical location can be a godsend. Then again, maybe you’re looking to open a second office, or a third, or a 10th. Whatever your reason, if you need to get into a new medical office space, Boulevard Medical Properties is here. We can help get you into a new space that meets your needs, and it will be the perfect way to step into the New Year.