The Medical Benefits of Music for Your Practice

No one enjoys spending time in the waiting room, so it only makes sense for medical offices to do what they can to make the experience a bit more pleasurable. Magazines, televisions, and attractive decor are often used to make the waiting room experience easier and less boring for patients, but they are not the only things medical professionals can do to make patients’ time in the waiting room more bearable. The right music, such as jazz, classical, or light rock, can also make a big difference in the patient experience for your practice, and for more reasons than just making the waiting room more pleasant. Read on to discover a few of the amazing medical benefits of music for your practice.

Create a Pleasant Atmosphere

Of course any medical staff wants to make their practice more enjoyable for patients. You care about your patients’ well-being, so naturally you want them to have a positive experience in your medical office. However, you also know that your patients have options, so it is also essential to give them every possible reason to choose your medical practice rather than a competitor for their health care needs. Music is one way to create an enjoyable and pleasant environment in your office that gives you an edge over other practices. Remember, music doesn’t have to be limited to waiting rooms. Playing it in halls and exams rooms can help even the most uncomfortable aspects of a medical appointment a bit more enjoyable and memorable for your patients.

Help Patients Relax

Going to the doctor can be stressful. Taking time off work, finding parking in a busy area, and visiting a new doctor can all give even the most level-headed patients high stress levels before their appointments. This on top of existing illness or medical issues can make any person feel uncomfortable to say the least. Music in the waiting room can help patients wind down before their appointment. This is not only helpful for putting your patients at ease, but also has the added bonus of helping your medical staff get more accurate readings for vital signs affected by stress, like heart rate and blood pressure.

Other patients have anxiety or phobias about doctors or medical care in general. Having soothing music playing in treatment areas can make a huge difference in these patients’ anxiety levels and encourage them to use your practice in the future. Of course, this benefits the practice in that more business is always helpful, but it can also make a huge difference for the patients’ health and quality of life, as patients with these sorts of anxieties often elect to avoid medical care in general to avoid the fear and anxiety that accompanies it rather than seeking medical help for potentially serious health issues.

Reap the Medical Benefits of Music

Music is used in therapy for a reason. Music has been shown to aid health, and as we’ve discussed, lower stress. Studies indicate that music triggers the release of endorphins and immunoglobulins, which help patients heal more effectively. In general, the music that most effectively provides medical benefits includes elements such as:

• A slow and stable tempo
• Absence of percussive and accented rhythms
• Low volume level and soft dynamics
• Connected melodies
• Gentle timbre
• Simple harmonic or chord progressions

Of course, music over the audio system of a medical office is no replacement for music therapy conducted by a trained professional, however playing music throughout your office may help provide your patients and staff with some of the soothing medical benefits of music.

Professional Consultation for Your Medical Office

Music is just one way to create an attractive, relaxing, and efficient medical office space. For more ways to improve your office space browse our website or, if you’re looking for a more major medical office overhaul, set up a consultation with Boulevard Medical Properties. Boulevard Medical Properties can help you find a new medical office space based on your practice’s needs and goals, helping your practice to grow and expand. Regardless of if you’re just starting the moving process or almost finished, or what you need from a new medical office space, Boulevard LA can help you get the perfect medical office space for your practice. Contact Boulevard LA today to schedule your consultation.