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7 Inspiring Dental Office Designs from Around the World

Nobody likes to go to the dentist, but there’s always the inspiration of interior design. By giving the dental office design features a space that feels cozy, welcoming and calming, patients feel more at ease. Here are inspiring dental office designs from around the world that are changing the dentistry world.

1. Our Family Dental Clinic


Korea’s spark of inspiration brings comfort and chic to Our Family Dental Clinic. Designed with brick walls, comfy seats and a stunning ceiling, this dental clinic adds character with an inviting and harmonious look. Combined with round tables and cozy seating nooks, this dental office brings a charming touch to its waiting room.

2. The Dental Quarters


The Dental Quarters in Perth, Western Australia has an interior decorated with dashing one-of-a-kind antique furniture and furnishings. For instance, those armchairs are exquisite accents to an otherwise modern chic apartment setting — bringing a sense of home to your neighborhood dental clinic.

3. Horacek Dental


Horacek Dental features accents found in residential kitchens. As seen here, a simple coffee corner and comfy seating area drastically transforms what would otherwise be a cold and scary space. The chalkboard wall also adds a nice and playful touch, making the ambiance more casual and enjoyable.

4. Dental INN


Dental INN, located in Viernheim, Germany, has an interior design that invites a private dental-to-home office. Imagine organically-designed glass walls with forest overprint separating the areas in an open floor plan.

5. Dental Office, Lisbon



It’s rare to enclose a space with a dark color palette. Some designers try to stay away from black while others turn theirs heads from white. In this case of this dental office, Pedra Silva Architects brought in distinct dark tones to separate between the environments. The actual treatment areas are designed to feel bright, serene and hygienic. An interesting way to differentiate the functions of a large space.

6. Dental Bliss


Dental Bliss, located in Bangkok, Thailand, blends basic color palettes with a warm and relaxing feel that is often found in private homes. The waiting area features cubes in two different shades of white and enveloped in leather — giving it a super practical and modern design. This brilliant design was executed by Integrated Field.

7. Children’s Dentist


Going to the dentist is undesired even as an adult, but can you imagine how terrifying it is for a kid? This dental office is designed to bring a theme-park environment for a kid-friendly space. You have The Adventurer room featuring a combination of safari, exploration, and jungle-themed elements paired with colorful murals and fun accents from a treasure chest down to a genie lamp.

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