Design Tips for Your Waiting Room

The messages conveyed in a waiting room can be subtle or direct. Everything from the arrangement of seating to the type and intensity of color and light contrast has an impact on a patient’s mood and well-being. In a waiting room, fostering a calm, relaxed environment is vital.

Choose the Right Furniture

The most important part of your waiting room décor is the furniture. Not only is it the first thing your guests will see, it determines how comfortable they will feel in your space. Consider the styles, colors, and fabric choices that will help support a branded look.

Measuring is important in selecting the furniture (including seating). Design your space to look professional and attractive while comfortably accommodating your visitors. To decide how much furniture you will need, consider how many waiting room chairs would be used by your guests on the busiest day. Then select your chairs based on comfort, style and practicality. Once this is done, fill the space with tables.

Finally, when deciding on all of your furniture, your budget will be one of the biggest factors to consider. Make sure to leave an adequate lead time if you are planning to have your waiting room area done for a particular date.

Choose Colors and Tones Carefully

When designing the waiting you room, you should aim for calming and soothing colors such as green or blue with a touch of pink for compassion. While choosing colors, don’t forget to consider the colors of your practice. Channel the energy of your medical practice into the room and align it with your vision.

Finish with a Touch of Décor

Once you have decided on your furniture and colors, you will want to pick out some décor items that will help set the mood in your waiting room. Select things that people will remember and keep your clientele in mind. Tasteful art pieces or frame work, an aquarium full of exotic fish or a relaxing water feature adds visual interest and it can help relax your patients before their appointments. The waiting room is also the perfect place to display information about your practice, as well as related magazines and books to help your visitors pass the time.

Set the Mood with Lighting

Just as the décor sets the ambience, so does the lighting. Adjusting the lighting in your waiting room can promote a relaxed mood. Soft, bright lights create a calming sensation that appeals to the patients. Low, warm light, on the other hand, creates a “homey” environment. Artificial lighting (i.e. fluorescent bulbs), however, can come off as harsh. Natural lighting can visually create a larger space.

Enable Technology

Your guests may arrive early or be kept waiting. As they wait, you may want to consider making outlets accessible so they can charge their electronic devices for work and leisure. Free Wi-Fi is also a great amenity to offer. Enabling a digital display or flat screen TV displaying information about the business or visual tour is also a great way to pass the time.

For further advice and help on setting up your medical office, as well as finding the right property for your needs, give us a call.