Design Tips for Pediatric Medical Practices

Interior design and décor is vital to the success of any pediatric medical practices. Not only do they play a key role in the comfort level and first impression of young patients, a well-decorated pediatric waiting room creates an inviting space for both children and parents.

Creating facilities that promote healing while offering a safe, comfortable environment can alleviate any anxiety in the doctor’s office. Here are a few ideas.

Color Schemes

Colors evoke emotions — positive or negative. The use of bright, vibrant colors is a common practice in pediatric-friendly interiors since children are naturally stimulated by bright colors. However, the use of too much can lead to agitation and irritability. Here a few guidelines in color theory to help you select the right hues for your waiting room and medical space.

  • Avoid using bright red in large quantities. Red is known to increase appetite, aggression and raise blood pressure and heart rate. It can also make some people feel anxious and irritable, or even angry. Use it in smaller quantities such as chairs or in wall décor.
  • Use as much yellow as you like since this color invokes feelings of happiness, cheerfulness, and joy.
  • Blue and green. These cool tones create a feeling of relaxation and tranquility. Blue and green are good choices for large areas such as walls or flooring.
  • This color sparks creativity, which makes it a good choice for the children’s waiting

Fun Themes for Office Design

Themes are widely popular in pediatric offices because they help put children at ease. They aid as distractions from the upset of examinations, shots, and other procedures. Children are drawn to living creatures and nature, making natural themes an excellent choice. Children are also drawn to fantasy, magic, and worlds of imagination.

Jungle or Safari Theme

Decorate your medical office with a jungle or safari theme. Paint a jungle background on a few walls and flesh out the theme with a lot of greenery including plants and trees. Further embellish the walls with monkeys, lions, leopards, cheetahs, giraffes, hippos, elephants, and zebras. Each of these animals can be painted or applied with vinyl wall decals. Instead of numbering exam rooms, label each one with an animal name such as monkey room or zebra room.

Ocean Theme

Ocean scenery creates wonder and a tranquil ambience. Paint the walls blue or blue-green color, and decorate them with brightly-colored fish, whales, dolphins, sharks, octopus, seahorses, and starfish.

Consider setting up a saltwater aquarium in the waiting room to provide endless distraction for children. Provide coffee table picture books and children’s books about the ocean to help patients pass the time while waiting to be seen. Exam rooms can also have ocean-inspired names such as starfish room.

Fantasy Theme

Bright, colorful wall murals featuring scenes with magical elements can help make the office seem less intimidating. Decorate the walls with castles, princesses, mermaids, fairies, unicorns, and dragons. Include plenty of children’s books containing popular fairy tales. You can further distract children from where they really are with fairy-tale cartoons and movies on a TV.

Wall Décor

In addition to painted murals and vinyl wall decals, handcrafted wall art helps give a pediatric office a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

Children’s Art. Create and mount art created by children on your walls. This makes a nice wall décor and gives children something they can relate to. Best of all, these young artists can be commissioned for free.

Start by painting the canvas in a solid color that complements the wall color, and then let the children paint their abstract designs or pictures on the colored canvas.

3D Paper Wall Art. Accent your walls with framed wall art made of simple designs punched out of stock paper. Designs such as butterflies, birds, clouds, and hot air balloons add for a décor that really stands out.

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Redesigning your pediatric medical office space is an exciting new chapter in your practice, but planning and designing ahead is vital to your success. Whether you are starting from scratch or purchasing an existing space, Boulevard Medical Properties has the expertise and knowledge to help guide you.