How to conserve energy at your medical practice

How to Conserve Energy at Your Medical Practice

Healthcare facilities, like medical practices, can be extremely challenging spaces to maintain. On top of that, you strive to simultaneously reduce energy costs. The primary goal at a medical practice is the health and safety of the patients and workers. Depending on the type of medical practice, this alone can increase energy costs. There are some helpful industry tips and tricks that can help you conserve energy at your location.

Best Ways to Conserve Energy at Your Medical Practice

Below you will find the most effective ways to do this in your medical practice.

Energy Audit

Utility companies offer energy audits so you can learn how much energy you are using. More importantly, you can look for how you can reduce it. Before you spend money or time on energy reduction, find out what impacts your practice most.

Appliances or Machinery

If you have old appliances or machinery plugged in, get rid of it. Older machines are not as energy efficient as new ones. Newer models use newer tech, which is often better.

Window Coverage

If you have windows in your office, they can produce a ton of heat if the sun is pouring into your medical office. Blackout curtains, dark blinds, or any window covering can reduce the amount of heat that is produced. This can significantly reduce your air-conditioning bill and energy usage. 

Automatic Lights

If you don’t regularly use a specific space in your office continuously, use an automated lighting system. When there’s no significant activity for a time, the lights will shut down on their own. Wasting energy in an empty room can increase your energy use and your electricity bill. 

Shut Off Equipment

Whether it’s a computer or a medical machine, turn off any unnecessary equipment when you leave for the day. If you keep your equipment on for twenty-four hours a day, you’ll nearly triple your energy use for no reason. 

Programmable Thermostat

Try to install a programmable thermostat that will shut off once a specific temperature is met. This can help regulate the office temperature and keep it at a comfortable level. It can also help reduce energy use as you will not be overheating or overcooling your medical office.

Maintain Your Air Conditioning

Be sure you have your air conditioning checked out by a professional and keep it in good working condition. An air-conditioning system that is working overtime can rack up a hefty energy bill. The same goes for your ventilation and heating. A study showed that most medical office buildings HVAC systems use up to 59% of their total energy use. 


Replacing old lights with energy-efficient bulbs and lighting systems can reduce energy costs. Bulbs and light technology have advanced in a way that can reduce energy use by over half in some cases.

Track Usage

While an initial energy audit is great, continue to track your usage. Energy costs are highest in the winters or summers, depending on your location. This means following your usage at least monthly is vital to reduce your energy usage.


Speak with your employees about a company effort to reduce energy costs. Discuss the importance of reducing energy costs and get everyone excited about it. Watch your monthly usage, set realistic goals, and celebrate your victories. This is something the whole office can get on board with!

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