The 6 Best Ways to Expand Your Medical Practice

Expanding your medical practice is a sure sign that you’re doing something right and that your patients find you valuable. Focusing on your patients while going through the expansion process, however, is not an easy task. There are numerous things to consider when expanding, but there are a few that will make planning and execution smoother in the end.

Expanding Your Medical Practice

1. Infrastructure

Expansion doesn’t stop at just adding new staff or service. When adding a new doctor to an existing practice you need to consider your existing space (rooms, offices, restrooms) to make sure enough capacity is available to handle the increased patient load. Another consideration is the impact to your current technology bandwidth.

2. Staffing

Expansion often requires new hires. While your staff is one of your greatest assets, they are also one of your biggest expenses. When considering new hires, it is important to evaluate your resources and decide if you can expand assignments or if technology can help. Take time to review and analyze your current IT capabilities and see if adding additional staff is necessary, and/or if new software can improve your customer service and efficiency.

3. Services

Expanding your medical practice is an opportunity to expand the services you offer. This can be concierge services that create additional value for your patients or expanding hours of operation or adding niche services. Simple changes create added value to your business and for your patients. It can also have a tremendous impact on your bottom line.

4. Online Presence

Expanding your medical office will mean getting more brand recognition and clientele. The internet is an invaluable tool to create a website, manage social and content marketing services, and purchase SEO services to ensure your site ranks in the best possible positions. Make sure your site is informative, intuitive, easy to navigate, and also provides potential patients with a means of communication.

5. Go Digital

Innovative medical professionals value and understand that most patients use the internet to research services and medical concerns. They are also savvy about how their patients use smart phones and tablets. Stay updated and connected with your patients and community with a touch of a screen. Go digital. Create a personalized portal to provide patients with sensitive information about lab results and prescriptions. Allow patients to book appointments straight from the app or website for more convenience.

There are numerous ways to expand your practice with the use of digital services. Before you decide which strategy to implement, assess your competitors and their strategies.

If time is of essence, you could outsource the work to trained professionals. Consultants and third party professionals can focus on the technical side of the business as you continue to work on the operative side.

6. Move Your Practice

Expanding your practice may require relocation. Not only is it time consuming, it is can be very stressful. Your time is money and efficiency is key. You’ll want to employ extra professionals to manage the increase in work. It is vital that you relocate within your timeline and schedule, select trusted advisers and consultants, plan IT relocation carefully, and map out your budget wisely.

As you plan to move, consider the location, demographic, cost and competition in the market. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages, and consider the necessity and the viable alternatives.

Putting it All Together

Every business, small or large, wants to operate in the most cost-effective manner, even during an expansion. It is an exciting prospect; however, the actual expansion can be very stressful. In fact, most people involved in the process will experience high stress levels, sleepless nights, and blame if anything goes wrong. To minimize delays and errors, it is essential to understand the best practices and how to expand your practice efficiently and smoothly.

To help you get started, schedule an appointment with Boulevard Medical Properties. Avoid the pitfalls of expanding your medical practice; our expert staff can give you the tips for planning and effectively working with your project team.