How do You Know if You are Ready to Sign a Commercial Lease?

Signing any lease requires a lot of preparation and research. Signing a commercial lease takes even more care as the terms are usually more complex and the duration is for a period of at least five years. If you are looking for commercial office space in LA, it’s necessary to determine your specific needs. Before signing any documents, be sure you have addressed the following aspects of your intended venture into a commercial lease.


The duration of your contract is important because breaking a commercial lease can be very expensive. If you are going to get locked into something for five or more years, be sure to do a full analysis of the business budget and projections. If your business is more established, negotiating a longer-term and lower price can be more financially beneficial long term.


Researching the location, the amount of foot traffic, and convenience for clients is essential for your business’s success. Other things to look out for regarding the commercial office location include parking, business competitors, and your building neighbors.

Terms of Breaking the Lease

In the case that your business does not do well or some worst-case scenario happens, know the terms of breaking your lease. Breaking a lease can be expensive so you’ll need to understand how, when, and how much it will cost you to get out of it. Be sure to negotiate these terms before you sign the lease. You may even be able to lock in a grace period that gives you a certain amount of time to stay locked in or get out early.

Non-Assignment Clause

Be sure to discuss with the landlord if you are able to sublease or assign your lease. In the case that you grow out of the space and need to expand it’s important to know if you can transfer your rights and liabilities to a third party to essentially take over your lease. Many contracts will have a non-assignment clause which will restrict you from being able to sublease or assign the contract.

Research the Landlord and Building Owner

Find out as much as you can about your landlord and the building owner. Getting into a long-term contract with someone who doesn’t have a good reputation can pose major problems in the future. It’s important to look up any information through public records on the building owner and their business. This ensures they will be a good future partner for your business needs.

Zoning Laws

Depending on what kind of business you are running you’ll need to make sure you know the areas zoning laws. Be careful not to rely on your landlord’s word or any permission from the building owner as complying with zoning laws is necessary and cannot be waived.


Know that nearly everything in a lease is negotiable. If you don’t like a certain term, be sure to talk with your landlord before signing. Something may be worked out. If you feel pressured at all, it might not be the right fit. Take your time to find a property that’s right for you on the specific terms that are right for you.

If you are still concerned about the terms or conditions of a commercial lease you may want to talk with a lawyer. They can assist in the legalities of the terms and ensure that everything has been adequately covered in your favor.

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Best Office Playlists for Work

Everybody knows that adding a little music to your day can help you get through your schedule more quickly. Or, at least it seems that way. Adding music to your workday establishes focus, keeps energy levels high, and makes your week fly by. You’d be surprised at the positive effect the best office playlists for work have.

No matter what industry you’re in, it’s important to know the best tunes for work. There are certain sounds that cause more productivity than others. Our Boulevard Medical Properties professionals have put together some of the best office playlists. Here is some music that’s bound to keep you focused and motivated!

Best Office Playlists to Get Through the Day

1. Nature Sounds

While you may need to look elsewhere if you’re looking to get pumped up, the sounds of nature can help establish a calm and peaceful work environment. This might be a good place to start for medical practice properties that have guest lobbies or waiting areas.

The sounds of birds, flowing water, and ocean waves can really put people at ease. Your brain will calm down, too. Not only is it scientifically proven that the sounds of nature increase productivity, but it’s a nice neutral set of sounds that almost everyone universally enjoys.

2. New Age Music

New Age classifies music that is ambient, otherworldly, and relaxing. It doesn’t always have a tune, but rather it can be a soft collection of soothing tones. Some New Age artists refer to themselves as “Sound Healers”. They utilize a variety of sounds and musical tones to establish a peaceful environment.

If you’ve ever gotten a massage or been to an aquarium, you’ve likely heard New Age music. This can even include soft vocal singing or hymns. Many people use New Age music to calm down their busy or distracted minds in order to focus on working in their quiet, peaceful space. You can check out the New World Encyclopedia for more information about New Age playlists.

3. Classical Music

Talk about oldies! Classical music from composers of the baroque period, specifically Handel, Vivaldi, and Mozart, has been scientifically proven to increase both mood and concentration while working.

For years, scientists have urged new parents to play classical music for their newborn babies in order to stimulate brain activity and cognitive function. You can apply this same practice to yourself during your working hours by dedicating your working time to classical music playlists. And yes, it really works!

4. Jazz

If you aren’t as big of a fan of the classical music style, you might find jazz to be more your thing. Jazz is a huge genre that can also promote focus and calm during your working hours. Long instrumental pieces are known to reduce stress and worry from the brain, allowing you to expand your memory and keep up with your already stellar performance at work.

If you are in a more creative work environment, jazz can end up being your best friend. Jazz music doesn’t help you focus, but it can increase the creative side of your brain as well.  This makes it a must-have for your best office playlists.

There have been many jazz playlists made specifically to help with studying or work focus, so if you find it works for you, you aren’t alone.

5. White Noise/Background Noise

While it’s not technically music, some people have trouble focusing when there is any type of sound around at all. What helps people in these situations is background noises or white noises that are tuned to speak directly to your brain. There are a series of white and blue noise videos on the Internet that can boost your brainpower.

This may be the best choice for someone who can’t listen to music – with or without lyrics – without getting distracted. These playlists play sounds or single notes, rather than tunes, in order to help your brain reach a level of focus and productivity that will help you at work.

Enjoy Calming Music in Your New Medical Office in Los Angeles

There are plenty of ways to get into the groove of your workday with music and sounds. While some people prefer music with a tune, others find that they are most productive with the sounds of nature nearby. What’s just as important as the best office playlists is the right medical office space to listen to it. If you are looking for new medical property to establish your perfect practice, let our experts help you find the perfect fit. Call at (818) 882-5700!