The Medical Benefits of Music for Your Practice

No one enjoys spending time in the waiting room, so it only makes sense for medical offices to do what they can to make the experience a bit more pleasurable. Magazines, televisions, and attractive decor are often used to make the waiting room experience easier and less boring for patients, but they are not the only things medical professionals can do to make patients’ time in the waiting room more bearable. The right music, such as jazz, classical, or light rock, can also make a big difference in the patient experience for your practice, and for more reasons than just making the waiting room more pleasant. Read on to discover a few of the amazing medical benefits of music for your practice.

Create a Pleasant Atmosphere

Of course any medical staff wants to make their practice more enjoyable for patients. You care about your patients’ well-being, so naturally you want them to have a positive experience in your medical office. However, you also know that your patients have options, so it is also essential to give them every possible reason to choose your medical practice rather than a competitor for their health care needs. Music is one way to create an enjoyable and pleasant environment in your office that gives you an edge over other practices. Remember, music doesn’t have to be limited to waiting rooms. Playing it in halls and exams rooms can help even the most uncomfortable aspects of a medical appointment a bit more enjoyable and memorable for your patients.

Help Patients Relax

Going to the doctor can be stressful. Taking time off work, finding parking in a busy area, and visiting a new doctor can all give even the most level-headed patients high stress levels before their appointments. This on top of existing illness or medical issues can make any person feel uncomfortable to say the least. Music in the waiting room can help patients wind down before their appointment. This is not only helpful for putting your patients at ease, but also has the added bonus of helping your medical staff get more accurate readings for vital signs affected by stress, like heart rate and blood pressure.

Other patients have anxiety or phobias about doctors or medical care in general. Having soothing music playing in treatment areas can make a huge difference in these patients’ anxiety levels and encourage them to use your practice in the future. Of course, this benefits the practice in that more business is always helpful, but it can also make a huge difference for the patients’ health and quality of life, as patients with these sorts of anxieties often elect to avoid medical care in general to avoid the fear and anxiety that accompanies it rather than seeking medical help for potentially serious health issues.

Reap the Medical Benefits of Music

Music is used in therapy for a reason. Music has been shown to aid health, and as we’ve discussed, lower stress. Studies indicate that music triggers the release of endorphins and immunoglobulins, which help patients heal more effectively. In general, the music that most effectively provides medical benefits includes elements such as:

• A slow and stable tempo
• Absence of percussive and accented rhythms
• Low volume level and soft dynamics
• Connected melodies
• Gentle timbre
• Simple harmonic or chord progressions

Of course, music over the audio system of a medical office is no replacement for music therapy conducted by a trained professional, however playing music throughout your office may help provide your patients and staff with some of the soothing medical benefits of music.

Professional Consultation for Your Medical Office

Music is just one way to create an attractive, relaxing, and efficient medical office space. For more ways to improve your office space browse our website or, if you’re looking for a more major medical office overhaul, set up a consultation with Boulevard Medical Properties. Boulevard Medical Properties can help you find a new medical office space based on your practice’s needs and goals, helping your practice to grow and expand. Regardless of if you’re just starting the moving process or almost finished, or what you need from a new medical office space, Boulevard LA can help you get the perfect medical office space for your practice. Contact Boulevard LA today to schedule your consultation.

Effective Medical Office Scheduling

Running a medical practice of any kind can be stressful and hectic, but using effective medical office scheduling strategies can help everything in your practice run a little smoother. Careful and effective scheduling ensures that everyone in the office, both staff and patients, are on the same page and know what to expect out of each and every day. Whether your office struggles with effective scheduling or is just looking to streamline the scheduling process, try implementing these tips to have your office running smoother than ever.

Start on Time

This may seem obvious, but few practices actually start the first appointment of the day at the time it is scheduled for. The first patient of the day is normally scheduled for 8 o’clock, but isn’t usually with the physician until 20 minutes later, even in a great practice. This isn’t usually because of a lazy or tardy staff, it’s because both patients and staff, including physicians, fail to account for the intake work before the appointment begins. Give patients an arrival time about 20 minutes before their appointment begins to allow for paperwork, insurance processing, and, if necessary, pre-payment. New patients may need even more time.

Choose Appointment Times to Maximize Effectiveness

Placing appointments for patients with similar conditions or procedure types on the same day or within the same time of day can help physicians make diagnoses and conduct quicker appointments by allowing them to stay in the same mindset across several appointments, rather than having to refresh their thought process for each appointment.

Schedulers may also want to consider prioritizing patients with more complex appointments. Try to book patients with complicated needs as soon as possible, and manage uncomplicated issues through group visits outside the office via phone or email. Though financial benefits from uncomplicated patients are lessened, you maximize the return from complex appointments, and increase the chances that uncomplicated patients will come to your office when they have more significant needs. On the other hand, if patients have to go elsewhere to get a timely appointment to address their serious issues, they may choose not to come back for minor needs.

Use Modified Wave Scheduling

Modified wave scheduling is a strategy of medical office scheduling that helps keep practices running on time even if they fall behind at some point during the day. This strategy involves booking multiple appointments at the beginning of the hour and leaving a buffer period at the end of the hour. At the beginning of the hour, long and short visits are scheduled simultaneously in pairs. The medical assistant rooms the patient with the short visit first and while the physician is with that patients, conducts the work up for the long visit patients, so that the long visit patient is ready to see the physician around the same time as the physician finishes with the short visit patient.

This more effectively uses the time that MAs and other support staff spend on visit preparation. Short appointments can also be booked during long appointments that don’t require the physician’s presence at all times. For example, a physician can conduct a short visit while a patient with long visit is having an x-ray performed. The emptier back end of the hour is used for catch up if patients show up late, appointments run long, or other unpredictable delays occur.

Respect Your Patients

Remember that your patients have taken time out of their own busy schedules, including many taking time off of work, to prioritize their health and come in to your office. Respect them, their schedules, and their choice to take care of themselves by striving to help them get in and out of your practice as quickly as possible without making patients feel rushed. All medical professionals in the office should strive to be punctual, keep all appointments, and meet all appointment times.

Get Help Keeping Your Medical Practice Running Smoothly

Running a medical office can be stressful and hectic, and this stress is only magnified when trying to move your medical practice or open a new location, but you don’t have to do it alone. Boulevard Medical Properties can help you find a new medical office space based on your practice’s needs and goals, helping your practice to grow and expand. Regardless of if you’re just starting the moving process or almost finished, or what you need from a new medical office space, Boulevard LA can help you get the perfect medical office space for your practice.

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Choosing the Right Medical Office Space

Whether you’re moving an existing medical practice, opening a new location of an existing practice, or opening a new practice for the first time, finding the right space for your medical office can be overwhelming. There are so many things about the office space that have to be just right, and it can feel impossible to know how to choose the best office for your practice. Thankfully, Boulevard Medical Properties is here to help. Over time, we’ve discovered the most important factors to consider when choosing a new medical office space, and we’ve assembled them here to help you.


Obviously, the cost to lease is important, but affordability goes beyond just the sticker price. A space with a higher price may actually be cheaper per rent, or may come with more support from the property owner in the form of services like property maintenance or pest control. A medical office space available at a lower cost may be cheaper because the location is not as profitable. In short, remember that neither cheaper or costlier guarantees a better medical office space, so when choosing a new office space, conduct a thorough cost-benefit analysis.


The importance of an attractive medical office is often overlooked, but the look of your office communicates a message to both patients and potential employees on both the inside and out. A well-kept, attractive, and secure feeling medical office can make patients feel confident about the credibility of the practice and the quality of the care that they will receive there. Inversely, a dirty or unattractive office can drive patients away. Your office also conveys a sense of the type of workplace your office is to potential staff members. Medical professionals have options, so don’t drive away the best with an unpleasing office.


Accessibility can mean two things. First, is it easy for patients of all kinds to find your office? Second, is it easy for patients with disabilities or limited mobility to find, enter, and move around your office? Offices should generally be located near major roads or thoroughfares, and ideally no more than two turns from a highway, if there is one nearby. Remember, many of your patients won’t feel well, so you don’t want them to have to do extra work. Being close to major roads also gives your office exposure just by people driving by. Once your patients have located your office, do they have convenient and ample parking, including handicap parking? Is there a ramp for your less mobile patients? If needed, are there enough elevators and stairways so patients can easily access their needed floor without a long wait?

Other Providers

Obviously you don’t want your medical office located around a bunch of competing practices, but it’s not that simple. In addition to checking the professional to population ratio areas around potential medical office spaces, you will also want to consider where specifically competitors are located and how aggressive and effective their marketing campaigns are. This can reveal some insights you might have missed otherwise. For example, areas with high income levels can often be over-saturated with healthcare providers while nearby middle or even lower income areas are largely un-serviced, providing a plentiful stream of patients for the practice that begins to service these areas.

Furthermore, potential competition is not the only reason you should know about surrounding medical care providers. Locations near complementary healthcare providers can be incredibly profitable for medical practices. Locating your practice near providers that offer complementary healthcare services and developing relationships with these providers can allow for inter-referring patients, providing advantages to all practices involved. Traditionally, this has meant locating practices near hospitals, but as more and more procedures are being performed as outpatient procedures, it has become possible for healthcare practices to develop these kinds of relationships farther away from hospitals, allowing for lower lease rates.

Get Help from the Professionals

No matter what kind of medical office space you’re looking for, you don’t have to search on your own. Boulevard Medical Properties can help you find a new medical office space based on your practice’s needs and goals, helping your practice to grow and expand. Regardless of where you are in the process, what you need from a new medical office space, and why you’re looking, Boulevard LA can help you get the perfect medical office space for your practice. Contact Boulevard LA today to schedule your consultation.

Creative Saint Patrick’s Day Office Ideas

In a medical office, it can feel like there’s never enough time to get everything done. Taking a couple hours out of the day just for fun may be impossible, so it may seem like celebrating holidays at the office would be impractical or a waste of time. However, celebrations can actually be very beneficial. They boost workplace morale, especially if you take the opportunity to make sure your staff knows that they’re appreciated, and you can celebrate without taking time out of your office’s busy schedule. With your lucky day right around the corner, let’s take a look at some fun Saint Patrick’s Day office ideas you can implement without cutting into time with patients.

Encourage Participation

Your Saint Patrick’s Day celebration won’t be very effective at improving morale if your employees don’t take part, let alone enjoy themselves, so find ways to encourage staff participation even before the holiday. Send out praise ecards to inform staff of the celebration and let them know how much you appreciate them. If you have a small staff, you could even write out cards for each staff member. Staff that feels appreciated will be more likely to take part.

In addition, you could instruct staff member ahead of time to wear green, and provide a prize for the employee who wears the most green or has the most creative outfit. Have inexpensive green beads or something similar on hand so that any staff members who forget or are otherwise unable to can still take part. You can also encourage employees to decorate their work spaces and, again, provide a prize for the best looking or most celebratory space. This not only creates a festive atmosphere and motivates staff to take part in the festivities, it also saves you time, money, and effort on decorating the office.

Finally, make your celebration meaningful by hosting a drive or collecting donations for a local cause. You can make this thematic by supporting an environmental, ‘green’ cause, or you can choose a local school, charity, or other organization. If you want, you could even inform patients of your drive or donation collection to get them involved, too.

Traditional Irish Fare

While for many people, St. Patrick’s Day is a celebration defined by drinking, there are plenty of thematic foods and beverages that can be consumed other than alcohol. Having thematic food can be a great motivator for staff to get involved in festivities, and is a fun way to celebrate without having to take time away from patients. Staff can simply grab food on their breaks. You can either take this opportunity to treat your staff, or you can involve your staff by inviting them to bring in dishes for an office potluck. Among the most Irish of Saint Patrick’s Day office ideas, this one is sure to be the most popular.

You can simply provide staff favorites, or you can try traditional Irish and Irish-American food like bangers and mash (sausages and potatoes), soda bread, bacon (boiled ham) and cabbage, colcannon (mashed potatoes and cabbage), boxty (potato cake), shepherd’s pie, and potato bread. Thematic desserts can provide an extra festive touch to satisfy the sweet teeth on staff. If you really want to go the extra mile, you could provide a light or heavy breakfast for staff in the morning, including foods and drinks like green smoothies, green tea, soda or potato bread pastries, boiled bacon, sausages, or even hard boiled eggs dyed green (just make sure your dye is food safe).

Set the Scene

If you have staff decorate work spaces and host a festive lunch, you’re already halfway done with creating a fun, thematic atmosphere in your office on Saint Patrick’s Day. However, there are still a few more steps to complete the ambiance. Purchase decorations like streamers, banners, signs, balloons, and more cheaply at party or dollar stores, and pay special attention to the main lobby and break rooms to optimize the effect for both your patients and your guests. If you wish, you could provide patients with green beads to include them in your celebration, especially if your office often sees children.

Music without lyrics can be soothing for your patients and aid in the productivity of your staff, so why not add the finishing touch some ambiance to your office by playing some traditional instrumental Irish music. If you want to play something more subtle, celebratory, or hip, try music by Irish bands like The Pogues, The Cranberries, The Script, U2, Irish Rovers, Celtic Thunder, the Clancy Brothers and the Irish Tenors.

Schedule a Consultation

Regardless of your office space, these creative Saint Patrick’s Day office ideas are sure to bring the fun. However, if you are interested in changing spaces, regardless of the reason, Boulevard LA can help make it a positive experience for you, your staff, and your patients. Whether you’re starting your practice from scratch, are simply considering changing spaces, or have already started planning your move, the experts and Boulevard LA have the knowledge and expertise to make the whole process a breeze. Schedule your consultation today.